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My live services stoped working, what should I do first?

Start by checking the time on the Android box, if the time is not accurate the box has lost internet connection. Restarting the internet router by unplugging it AND unscrewing the co-ax cable for 5 min is recommended. Once the router is rebooted, quickly unplug the power to the Android box and plug it back in. WAIT until the time becomes accurate BEFORE starting an application.

I restarted the router and box, the time is accurate, but my live services still are not working, what next?

Next, you’re going to try reloading the profile. If the profile loads, but you’re having difficulty playing a perticular file or are having issues with sound, you may need to change the media player. Videos showing the steps to reload the profile and to change  the media player can be found on this page. 

I'm having trouble with a 3rd party entertainment app, what should I do?

3rd party apps require updating from time to time, and sometimes they stop working altogether. Unfortunately, we can not support Customers with 3rd party apps, we do recommend that you try one of the other apps or the video club section of StbEmu. Also, we send a monthly Customer newsletter with update information on 3rd party apps, and the 24/7 tech support bot can help you update your box with the 3rd party apps mentioned in the newsletter. We recommend that you sign up for the Customer newsletter, and review the video on how to use the tech support bot, located on this page. 

I've followed the instructions on this page and the help videos, but I'm still having trouble, what do I do now?

Contact us! We’re here to help. Tech support staff are in the office, evenings, when you’re relaxing. From 5pm to 9pm, Monday to Friday. But, don’t wait until we’re open, send us a text message or even a photo message with a pic of the error message you’re seeing. We’ll respond as soon as we can to help you. Text us at 778 400 9770 

basic setup instructions

Follow along with step by step instructions on how to set up your new DMS11 Android box and pair a keyboard remote to it. 

How to use your keyboard 

This video provides an overview of the keyboard remote that you may chose to use with your DMS11 Android Box. You may also use a stick remote, the keyboard is not required. 

change the media player

Most issues that users experience with the StbEmu can be resolved by changing the media player inside the application. Hold ok, on the right side menu – select media player, and try a different player. This video will help you select a player that may be right for the box and server that you are using. 

reload the stbemu profile

It is important to know how to refresh your connection with the server. Reloading the profile is normally the first step to take when things are not working properly. Quick and easy, hold the OK button, on the side menu – profile, then re-select your server profile  (even if it is already selected)

Add Realdebrid to your device

RealDebrid is a third party (paid) service that can provide a lot of additional access to files that you may be looking for. The service pairs with popular entertainment apps within the settings of the individual app, adding it to one will not add it to all of them. This video is an example and serves as a rough guide though the process, this is not a step-by-step video. 

Connecting to Hotel wifi

Going on vacation? Remember to pack your Android box with you and bring all your favourite entertainment. No missing your favourite live events, you can continue to enjoy the comforts of home while traveling. Hotel wifi is a bit tricky to connect with, this video will show you the trick to getting through the web-screen password page. The technique is shown on an older box, but the process is the similar for any of our Android boxes. 

how to use the 24/7 tech bot

We make keeping your Android box up to date easy. This video demo will show you how to use the 24/7 tech support bot to do software updates on your box. Remember to delete old versions of apps before starting the bot, but NEVER delete StbEmu or it will wipe out your subscription information. 

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