We Can Help You

Do you own an Android Entertainment Device that is malfunctioning, glitchy or simply running too slow? We can help you! Our Specialists are able to quickly diagnose the problem with your device and repair it on site. Often our repair customers say their device is working better than it ever was, even when it was new.

We prefer to do repair service at your home, in the environment the device is expected to operate in. This allows us to evaluate all the conditions that may be effecting the signal quality and the performance of your device, for a more accurate diagnosis.

Sometimes we will recommend you upgrade to a newer device for a more pleasurable user experience, but only after we have done our absolute best to resolve any issues with the device you already own. Some older devices are eligible for a trade in / upgrade credit, depending on the operating system, chipset and condition of the device (req. all cables & remote).

To book a repair, contact us with your availability for an in-home service call.

We look forward to helping you enjoy your Android Entertainment Device again, and helping you to explore it’s potential.

Phone – (778) 400 9770

TeamViewer QS – Remote Login Software that allows our tech the ability to access your box, anywhere in the world, with your express permission.

To use it: Install and open the app, press right 3x and install the program add-on when prompted. The app will produce a unique 9 or 10 digit number, this number must be sent to our tech who will be connecting with your box.

A remote login session requires your attention during the repair as the tech may lose connection and need your help to login again. The cost for a remote login session is $25, and is a maximum of 40 minutes before additional fees are applied. Older boxes and slow internet service will effect the time required to conduct a remote login repair.


Tech support policy 

Tech support after a repair – 30 days of support via text or phone call, provided by the repair tech who did the work.

Tech support when buying used hardware – 30 days of support via text or phone call, provided by the installer and the phone-up tech line.

Tech support when buying new hardware – 90 days of support via text or phone call, provided by the installer and the phone-up tech line.  lifetime access to the automated tech support bot.

Additional tech support is available to purchase, contact your installer for details on services that are available and applicable to your situation.

Phone-up tech line is available most weekdays between 5pm -9pm, also during this time remote login repairs can be scheduled. Please make an attempt to resolve any issue with your box by watching an applicable help video before calling the phone-up tech line. The goal of our phone-up tech line staff is to provide you with the information you need to solve your problem, as quickly as possible, so they can continue to assist other customers.

Updates are the responsibility of the customer, check with your Rep or instructions sent via email for information on how to perform the current updates on your box.  Excessive use of the phone-up tech line, including use as an ongoing update service, will result in associated costs to the customer.

Factory Reset is expressly not covered by tech support. If you Factory Reset your box, accidentally or otherwise, you will incur a $25 reprogramming fee.