dms11 android box

Product review

The DMS11 is the 5th release in as many  years from the team at Droid Media Solutions. The DMS11 is by far the most groundbreaking hardware upgrade to date. There is no compromise with any of the “basics” such as: expandable memory, USB3, optical audio port and bluetooth.  The front facing clock is handy. But the DMS11 really stands out when you open the case (not recommended you do this to yours). Inside you’ll find genuine DDR4 ram, heatsinks mounted on the custom 8-core processor, and a full 10/100/1000 ethernet port.  The DMS11 can sustain download speeds of  over 300Mbps when connected with cat-6 ethernet cable. Truly a rocket ship of a box! 

OS / Platform

Android 11 (Custom Kernal)

Release Date

October  02, 2021


Droid Media Solutions Inc.


4 x 32  DDR4  10/100/1000